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Cast Steel Prices Per Lb, Kg and Ton

Some purchasers need to make an price estimation or evaluation to the cast steel casting prices. The following table is listing the normal carbon steel castings prices per lb, kg and ton made by dandong foundry in China. Hope it could help the buyers to do the approximate evaluation for the carbon steel, such as mild steel, medium carbon steel and high carbon steel castings.

The following cast steel prices updated by 12th. Mar. 2019


Requirements Casting Unit Weight (LB, KG)

Cast Steel Price

Cast Steel Price

Cast Steel Price

Complex structure,
require good surface quality
 0.0 - 0.5 lb (0.1 - 1.0 kg) 1.18 2.60 2597
 0.5 - 22.0 lb (1.0 - 50.0 kg) 1.11 2.45 2448
Not complex structure,
require normal surface quality
 0.5 – 4.5 lb (1.0-10.0 kg) 0.74 1.63 1627
 4.5 - 450 lb (10.0-1000 kg) 0.67 1.48 1478


  • Complex structure, good surface quality – meaning that your casting parts have complex design, complex inside or outside shapes, which means the steel foundry needs to use water glass investment casting process. This casting process also could make good surface quality. Refer to iron-foundry.com.

  • Not complex structure, normal surface quality – meaning that your casting parts have simple or normal complexity, the outside and inside shapes are not complex. Moreover, you do not have high requirements to the surface quality, such as surface smoothness and defects. The steel foundry could use sand casting process to produce it.

The above prices are just EXW prices in China steel foundries. Do not include further machining, painting, packing and delivery costs.

Please notice that the above prices are only for carbon steel materials, such as mild steel, medium steel and high steels. Can not be used for evaluate alloy steel castings. As for alloy steel castings, or more accurate price calculation, please refer to our “Cast Steel Price Calculator”.

For the accurate cast steel casting prices, please refer to our "Cast Steel Price Calculator".

If you want to calculate the cast iron casting prices, please refer to "Cast Iron Prices per lb, kg and ton".


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