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  Reasons for Choosing Castings for Wearing Parts  

Most iron castings and steel castings for wear parts have features of high hardness, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Below we will introduce some wear parts we can produce in detail:

Agricultural Wear Parts
In agricultural machinery, good wear resistance is required for components that will directly touch the ground. If the parts not wearable, the working life will become short, and has to be replaced by another new one very soon.

Engineering & Construction Wear Parts
Typical related wear parts used for engineering and construction are: bucket teeth & adapters, cutting edges, ripper point, bucket hook, mulcher teeth, dredging cutter teeth.

Mining Wear Parts
We produce many kinds of wear resistant products for mining applications where is high sliding abrasion according to the customers' requirements.

How to Improve the Wear Resistance of Wear Parts?

After casting, even if using wear-resistant material, the hardness is still a bit low to reach good effect. So normally after casting, heat treatment will be performed to improve the hardness of wear parts. Most widely used heat treatment method for such wear parts is tempering and hardening, which the cost is relatively economical. But because of high hardness of wear parts, if there is any machining operations, we will suggest to do machining before hear treatment. But the surface will be a bit dark or black.

Why Casting for Wear Parts?

1) High metal utilization–Metal utilization of investment castings is about three times than that of forgings.

2) High size accuracy–Investment Casting can achieve good tolerance grade, which will greatly reduce machining allowance and save machining cost. Sometimes the products can be used directly after shot blasting, and no machining is required!

3) Casting could be used to cast both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. So no matter what kind of material grade of the wear parts, casting is all feasible.

4) Even if the structure of wear parts is complex, our investment casting process is workable.

5) The most important factor is that, for our foundry, with casting method, both small volume and large volume production are all available for production.


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