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  Nodular Iron MP80, MP60, MP70, MP100, MP120 Equivalent Grades  

We received some inquiries for the nodular iron MP80, however, we did not find any technical information for this material grade.

After the help of our clients, we knew its equivalent grade is Ductile iron 80-55-06, therefore, we think these strange material grades should have close relationship with standard ASTM A536, so the following equivalent grades should work.


Equivalent Standard


Nodular iron MP60

Ductile iron 60-40-18

Nodular iron MP70

Ductile iron 70-50-05

Nodular iron MP80

Ductile iron 80-55-06

Nodular iron MP100

Ductile iron 100-70-03

Nodular iron MP120

Ductile iron 120-90-02


The following is the nodular iron castings we produced.


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