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  How to Select Bearing Housings  

Bearing housings make it easy to install bearings and shafts. Moreover, they could protect bearings, extend their operating life and simplify maintenance.

Bearing housings are available in many sizes, and generally fall into five standard categories: split plummer (or pillow) block housings, non-split plummer block housings, flanged housings, take-up housings and two-bearing housings.

Non-standard bearing housing designs can also be supplied to particular customer requirements: for example, where special shaft centre heights, unusual sealing arrangements or non-standard materials of construction may be specified.

If ease of installation and maintenance are prime considerations, then split plummer block housings are an excellent choice as they not only accommodate pre-assembled shafts, but also simplify bearing inspections and maintenance as the shaft does not need to be disassembled.

Split plummer block housing

Non-split plummer block housings are preferred when there are heavy loads acting in a direction other than toward the support surface. They are also used when the housing has to be mounted from the end of the shaft.

Non-split plummer block housing

Flanged housings provide a solution for applications that do not have a frame parallel to the shaft. They are available in oval, circular and square formats that accommodate bearing types similar to those of plummer block housings.

Flanged housing

Take-up housings, meanwhile, are more typically used to maintain the tension in conveyor belt applications and are mounted onto a guide frame.

Take-up housing

Two-bearing housings have intrinsically aligned bearing seats, which enable rigid bearings, such as deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings to be accommodated. Two-bearing housings are typically used in applications with an overhanging load.

Two-bearing housing

Grey cast iron, spheroidal graphite cast iron and cast steel are the most common materials of construction for bearing housings. Grey cast iron is most commonly used and is sufficient for the majority of applications, offering a combination of high strength, good damping and good thermal conductivity. Spheroidal graphite cast iron is more ductile and therefore provides a higher degree of strength and toughness, being capable of handling loads that are almost twice as heavy than those for grey cast iron. Where there is the threat of corrosion, bearing housings can be supplied in composite materials, in stainless steel or coated cast iron and cast steels.


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