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Green Sand Casting Process

Green sand casting process is a kind of casting production method, which uses green sand as the molding material. Green sand is a kind of wet quartz sand.

Except of green sand, this process need to use the cupola or medium frequency furnace. As for the molding equipments, some iron foundries use the molding machines, automatic molding lines, or just use manual molding method.

Green sand casting process is suitable to produce various cast iron grades. Such as grey iron from ISO100 to ISO350, ductile iron from ISO400-18 to ISO900-2. Moreover, this process is also suitable to produce some simple aluminum castings. However, it is not suitable to produce steel castings since steel castings need larger air permeability.

Green sand casting process is suitable to produce the iron castings with low dimensional requirements, low surface smoothness requirements, simple inside structures, not too thin wall thickness, low casting defects requirements.

The advantages of green sand casting process are low material cost, low production cost, low technical requirements, low equipment requirements, large weight range for iron castings, high production rate.

The disadvantages of green sand casting process are high manpower cost (except of automatic molding lines), powder pollution, more casting defects, bad dimensional tolerance, higher defective index, unstable quality.

In the future, the green sand casting process can be used widely for the automatic molding lines and molding machines, but for the manual molding method, it will be replaced by shell molding process since the manpower costs are increasing in China.

The followings are the photos of automatic molding line and manual green sand molding line from  Dandong Foundry in China.

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