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Ductile Iron 65-45-12 in China

65-45-12 is the material grade of ductile iron ANSI / ASTM A536 65-45-12. This grade has higher tensile strength but lower elongation. The followings are its physical, chemical properties and its application.

Physical Properties:

Tensile strength min. 448 Mpa, Yield strength min. 310 Mpa, Elongation min. 12%.

Most of iron foundries in China could do the test of tensile strength, so you could require the suppliers to provide the physical inspection report.

As for the hardness, there is no requirement in the ASTM A536 standard, but normally, the hardness should be 160 to 210 Brinell hardness (HB).

Chemical Components:

There is no requirement to the chemical components in the A536 standard, which means the iron foundries could control and adjust the chemical components according to their own experience, as long as they could meet the physical properties.

However, according to the experience of Dandong Foundry in China, the approximate chemical components of 65-45-12 should be as C: 3.30-3.80%, Si: 2.40-2.90%, Mn: 0.2-0.5, P: 0.03-0.06, S: 0.02-0.040, Mg: 0.020-0.060. RE: 0.02-0.06.


As for the ductile iron parts used for automotive industries, they usually require the percent of spheroidization or called as nodularity. A high nodularity means the ductile iron has better physical properties, and more stable quality. Automotive parts usually require 90% to 98% nodularity, only some professional and large iron foundries could reach this level, and most of iron foundries just could reach about 75% to 85%. Nodularity is not a stipulated inspection unless the clients have specific purpose.


As we said before, the ductile Iron 60-40-18 is widely used because of its good physical properties, but what areas should ductile Iron 65-45-12 be used? Since 65-45-12 has higher tensile strength and corrosion-resistance, they have been widely used for furrow plough, plow standard, differential case of agricultural machinery, drive axle case, clutch housing of automotive vehicle, valve bodies, high pressure cylinder of general machinery and top hat for electric transmission line etc.

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