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  Casting Inspection Methods  

Casting inspection is used to check the quality of castings for acceptance or rejection.

There are mainly two methods of Inspections:
(1) Destructive Inspection Method
(2) Non Destructive Inspection Method

Destructive Inspection Method
In destructive inspection method, the casting sample is destroyed during the inspection process, so it is called the destructive inspection method.
This inspection is done on the test bar or on the piece-cut from sample casting.
Inspection is carried out to test and measure mechanical properties like Tensile Strength, Elongation Percentage, Hardness etc.

Non-Destructive Inspection Method
Inspection is done without destroying the casting.
A) Visual Inspection : cracks, tears dirt, blow holes etc.
B) Dimensional Inspection : different gauges and inspection techniques are used for dimensional verification.
C) Pressure Testing : To locates leaks in casting or check overall strength under hydraulic pressure.
D) Radiographic Inspection : X-rays are passed through for internal inspection and record on photographic film.
E) Ultra Sonic Inspection.
F) Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection : Dipping, Spraying, white powder, applied.


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