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  Cast Iron Price Calculator User Manual  

This user's guide will tell you how to use our cast iron price calculator to get the appreciate casting prices of your cast iron products, instantly by yourself.

Please notice that the calculated prices could only be your reference, price evaluation or rough estimation. Can not be taken our Dandong Foundry's price quotation.

1. Material Grade

Normally, you could find the material grade on the casting drawings. If you know their material grade, or find them on the drawing, then choose its material grade accordingly. Otherwise, you could choose the default value "No Requirement", or just leave this option blank.

The different material will affect their casting prices, so it is better to choose the correct one. If you just know it is ductile iron, but do not know its specific grade, this is all right, you could choose the lowest grade "Ductile Iron ASTM A536 60-40-18".

2. Casting Unit Weight

If you want to get the unit price USD/pcs, then you need to input their unit weight kg/pcs. After input their unit weight, you need to tell the calculator what unit weight it is. The Raw Casting Weight is the unit weight for the raw castings, the unit weight before machining. The Finished Part Weight is the unit weight after machining. In other words, it is the unit weight for the finished part.

If your part needs machining works, normally, the unit weight you know will be the "Finished Part Weight", otherwise, it will be "Raw Casting Weight".

3. Complexity of Castings

The complexity of castings will affect their casting prices. This is because the complex casting will need more sand cores, which will cause more materials and production works.

You may feel difficulty to judge how complex it is. We have shown some photos on our calculator, so you could take them as reference. If you still can not assure, just choose the "Normal Casting" or "Complex Casting".

4. Selection of Casting Process

Casting process is the method we make metal castings. When we see the drawing, we will consider which casting process will be suitable for making the castings. Different casting process will affect their casting prices.

If you know what casting process will be suitable for making them, then please choose it. Otherwise, you may consider the following reference.

If the casting is very complex, then you may choose "Shell Molding".
If the casting is very simple, then you could choose the "Green Sand".
If the casting has very large quantity, such as over 10,000 pcs each PO, then you could choose "Green Sand".
If the casting is very large, such as over 300kg each piece, then you should choose "Resin Sand".

5. Machining Description

Dandong Foundry's casting price calculator could help you to get the machining costs. Of course, the accurate machining cost is very difficult to get unless you are very professional machining engineer, so our calculator is just help you to get the approximate costs.

If you just need raw castings, or the castings do not need further machining, then you should choose "No Machinig".

You could check how many positions or surfaces will need machining, if there are many machining positions and surfaces, then you could take it as complex or very complex.

If your casting parts need CNC centers, or very high accurate machining, then you may choose complex or very complex.

But please notice that the different machining complexity will affect the machining costs very seriously, so please choose it carefully.

6. Surface Painting and Coating

If you want foundry to paint them or do some certain surface coatings, then you could choose the painting method accordingly.

7. Packing and Delivery to Local Seaport

Packing cost means our Dandong Foundry will pack them into fumigation-free plywood crates. We will also deliver them to our local Dalian port, then they will be ready for shipment. This is FOB China terms.

If you want us to pack them and deliver them to the local seaport, then you could choose the options accordingly.

Now, please click the button "Price Calculation", then you will see the prices for the casting price, machining price, paint & coating price, packing & delivery cost, and total price.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question. We will be glad to help you to use our calculator. Galen Wang. Manager of Marketing Dept., Dandong Foundry.

If you want to download .pdf manual, please click here "Cast Iron Price Calculator User Manual".

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