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  Cast Iron Handwheel Casting Manufacturer  

Our Dandong Foundry produces cast iron handwheels on various sizes and specifications according to the customers' requirements.

Handwheels are manually-operated devices that revolve around an axis. They are used to adjust machinery and control access to compartments. Typically, the rim serves as a grip; however, many handwheels feature a stationary, revolving, or foldaway handle for ease of use.

Types of Handwheels

  • Solid wheels do not contain openings between the outside diameter and the inner hub.
  • Spoked wheels resemble bicycle wheels and feature multiple supports (spokes) from the inner hub to the outer part of the wheel.
  • With flat handwheels, the outside diameter of the wheel and outer diameter of the wheel's hub are on the same plane or a similar plane.
  • With dished wheels, the outside diameter of the wheel and the outside diameter of the wheel's hub are on offset planes.

Handwheels vary in terms of specifications and features.

Materials of Handwheels

  • Cast iron is a common material in which handwheels are made. Cast iron is an iron alloy that's comprised of at least 2% carbon. While it offers minimal protection against corrosion, it's particularly strong. Cast iron, in fact, is stronger than stainless steel. Both cast iron and stainless steel handwheels are popular choices for making adjustments to machines. Cast iron is simply heavier and stronger, whereas stainless steel is lighter and offers better protection against corrosion.
  • Aluminum is a lightweight metallic element that offers good electrical and thermal conductivity, high reflectivity, and resistance to oxidation.
  • Steel is a commercial iron that differs from cast iron both in terms of its malleability and lower carbon content.
  • Stainless steel is chemical and corrosion resistant and can have relatively high pressure ratings.
  • Plastic materials for hand wheels include various thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers.

There are many applications for handwheels. Some devices are used to manually operate valves. Others are used to adjust tables and cutters on machine tools, or to manually drive presses. In the printing industry, handwheels are used to regulate roll tension and feed paper and other materials.

Cast iron handwheel casting


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