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  Cast Iron Drain Dome Casting Supplier in China  

Drain Dome is a cover placed on top of a drain to control liquid inflow and outflow, and to keep large debris from clogging the drain opening. It is also referred to as a drain basket, drain cover or birdcage.

Materials of the drain dome produced by our Dandong Foundry:
Cast Iron: A hard, alloy made of steel and carbon that is cast in a mode to give it a defined shape.

Advantages of the cast iron drain domes:
1) Using drain domes can improve the flow rate of water:
Through the design of wider holes, it assure access for the air to make the atmospheric pressure accelerate the flowing rate.

2) Using drain domes can block leaves and sediment effectively:
The drain domes have many intensive fences; these can effectively block leaves and sediment outside the fences.

3) Cast iron drain dome has many advantages, such as heavy, strong, durable and quiet

Applications of the cast iron drain domes:
These drain domes are for use in kitchens, restrooms, showers, and other areas where foot traffic is expected. Round drains are ideal for most poured finished floors. Square drains are for floors finished with materials in a square or straight-line pattern. They help to prevent large pieces of debris from clogging connected piping and drain sumps.


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