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Cast Iron Castings made in China Foundry

Iron castings are the base of industries. There are countless products and parts made by ductile iron and gray iron materials. Herein, we just listed some of them made in China.

Hydraulic Torque Converters, Marine And Power Shift Transmissions, Universal Joints, Gas Turbines Starting Drives: Power Take-Offs, Mechanical, Pneumatic And Hydraulic Clutches, Exhaust Fans, Ventilation Systems, Centrifugal Blowers, Speed Reducers, Gear Boxes, Sprockets, Farm And Recreational Equipment, Air-Cooled Motors, Lawn And Garden Tractors, Pumps, Hydraulic Valves, Electric Motors, Food Processing, Railroad Parts, Replacement Castings For The Forms Used In Making Concrete Shapes, Concrete Pipe And Concrete Block, And Other Applications Involving Constant Exposure To Abrasive Slurries

Replacement Castings For Wear Plates And Screen Plates Used In Asphalt Processing And Paving Replacement Castings For High-Wear Applications That Demand Low Porosity And Highly Uniform Cross Sections Replacement Castings For Continuous High Vacuum Applications Replacement Castings For Material Handling, Including Conveyor Rolls, V-Rolls, Lifts, Up enders, Overhead Cranes And Other Long-Service Applications, Replacement Castings For Brake Drums, Replacement Castings For Use In Mill Cooling Beds, And In Metal Service Centers, Replacement Castings For Crushers And Hammer Mills, Replacement Castings For Pulp And Paper Processing, Where Downtime Is Critical, Replacement Castings For Augers And Wear Plates Used In Brick And Tile Manufacturing, Hollowware Products.

Sprinkler And Hydraulic Values, Pumps, Compressor Housings, Gear, Cams, Sprockets, Levers, Machine Tool Frames Are Typical Parts, Drive Line Yokes, Brackets, Arms, Housings, Valve Bodies And Sheaves, Custom Stove Parts



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