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  Applications of Sand Castings in Heavy Equipment Market

Sand castings are widely used in automotive, transportation, machinery, industrial and other heavy equipment markets.

1. Automotive
Iron foundry normally use sand casting process to produce engine blocks, cylinder heads with complex patterns, transmission cases, brake cylinders, wheel cylinders, engine frame, pistons, valves, gas tanks, and oil pans.

2. Transportation
Sand castings can be found throughout truck chassis, cab, axles and engine parts. Other transportation uses include aerospace applications, railroad engines and cars, and maritime vessels.

3. Machinery
Sand casting components can be found in industries that rely on heavy equipment, such as mining, agriculture, and construction.

4. Industrial Equipment
Sand castings are used in industrial equipment such as manufacturing, chemicals, oil and gas, steel and textile producers, as well as the pumps, motors, generators and compressors that power the equipment.


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