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The prices and production for pedestal, foundation support castings

Some customers want to use steel boards or cast steels to make metal bases, pedestal and foundation supports. But we prefer to use cast iron materials to produce them. Let us explain the advantages and prices.

If the customers insist to use steel material, then, there are two choices. One is by lost wax investment casting process, which is more costly (2.38 USD/KG), but the castings have good surface quality and dimensions. Another choice is by normal sand casting process, which is cheaper (1.60 USD/KG), but surface is not good, actually could be described as bad.

If you choose to use cast iron materials, especially to use grey irons, then everything will be better. You will have two choices too. Firstly, by shell molding process, the price is reasonable (1.75 USD/KG), and surface and dimensions are very good. Secondly, by normal green sand casting process, whose price is the lowest (1.40 USD/KG), but surface quality is not as good as shell molding process, but still better than cast steel sand castings.

Therefore, cast iron prices will be lower, and the casting surface quality will be better.

Please notice that all above prices have included casting cost, packing costs, but exclude of the sea freight costs, and painting costs. Powder coating will much more better than normal painting, but its cost is also much more higher.

Please feel free to contact our foundry in China. Whatever you choose, we would like to help you to choose most suitable production methods with the most reasonable costs.

This is a type of foundation support made by normal green sand casting process

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