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Material Comparison Table DIN1691, 1693 and DIN EN 1561
(GG and EN-GJL or EN-GJS)

The purchasers and clients in Germany and Austria usually provided us the standard of DIN EN 1561. This is the old standard, and has been replaced by the new standard DIN 1691. However, we should know how to transfer these two standards. The following comparison table will be a good reference for the suppliers and buyers. Actually, we do not know how made this table, but according to our experiences, this table is very useful.

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DIN 1691 to DIN EN 1561

GG-10        0.6010    EN-GJL-100       EN-JL1010
GG-15        0.6015    EN-GJL-150       EN-JL1020
GG-20        0.6020    EN-GJL-200       EN-JL1030
GG-25        0.6025    EN-GJL-250       EN-JL1040
GG-30        0.6030    EN-GJL-300       EN-JL1050
GG-35        0.6035    EN-GJL-350       EN-JL1060
GG-150 HB    0.6012    EN-GJL-HB155    EN-JL2010
GG-170 HB    0.6017    EN-GJL-HB175    EN-JL2020
GG-190 HB    0.6022    EN-GJL-HB195    EN-JL2030
GG-220 HB    0.6027    EN-GJL-HB215    EN-JL2040
GG-240 HB    0.6032    EN-GJL-HB235    EN-JL2050
GG-260 HB    0.6037    EN-GJL-HB255    EN-JL2060

DIN    1693-1/2    to    DIN    EN    1563

GGG-35.3    0.7033    EN-GJS-350-22-LT    EN-JS1015
GGG-35.3    0.7033    EN-GJS-350-22-RT    EN-JS1014
GGG-35.3    0.7033    EN-GJS-350-22       EN-JS1010
GGG-40.3    0.7043    EN-GJS-400-18-LT    EN-JS1025
GGG-40.3    0.7043    EN-GJS-400-18-RT    EN-JS1024
GGG-40.3    0.7043    EN-GJS-400-18    EN-JS1020
GGG-40      0.7040    EN-GJS-400-15    EN-JS1030
GGG-40      0.7040    EN-GJS-450-10    EN-JS1040
GGG-50      0.7050    EN-GJS-500-7    EN-JS1050
GGG-60      0.7060    EN-GJS-600-3    EN-JS1060
GGG-70      0.7070    EN-GJS-700-2    EN-JS1070
GGG-80      0.7080    EN-GJS-800-2    EN-JS1080
GGG-80      0.7080    EN-GJS-900-2    EN-JS1090


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