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How can casting foundry make products light weight, energy-saving and emission-reduction

In order to carry out energy-saving and emission-reduction, the casting foundries should start from choosing raw materials, then we can save energy consume, increase the use of source. During producing, we can improve the gas discharge, purify the poisonous gas and control the waste water discharge, so the dreams that saving materials, energy, cost and the continual goal can be realized.

Arrange the structures of the products reasonably, propel products light weight

Choosing the aluminum alloy as the raw materials of engine casting to establish a clean casting foundry.

1. The aluminum has good mechanical property and it's density is only 1/3 of the steel, but the property is 4.5 times of the iron. Besides, the aluminum corrosion resistance and heat conduction is very good. So the aluminum alloy has high intensity, recycle and energy-absorbing feature.

2. The pressure casting foundry of aluminum alloy can reduce pollution, it is a clean casting foundry.

Recycle, increase the reuse of source, and establish economical foundries

Increasing the use rate of source by increasing items produced, increasing reuses of source by melting again, repairing the defective casting and reusing the waste sand, then establish the economical foundries.

Advocate using clean energy and new techniques, new equipments

1. Using high heat value clean energy when use melting furnace in order to reduce poisonous gas discharge. From the economics perspective, the natural gas is the best and the most reasonable choice.

2. Using concentrated melting furnaces, utilize the discharged gas which comes from the furnace to heat aluminum pig to increase energy usage.

The advantages of using concentrated melting furnaces

a. The floor areas of concentrated melting furnaces are small and the noise is low.

b. Because using the full-automatic control system, so the caretakers are unnecessary and reduce the labor cost.

c. The firing system is very advanced; the gas discharge can reach zero degree of ringelman blackness and can be exhausted by flue directly.

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