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pig iron prices in China

Pig iron prices are very important to iron casting prices since pig iron is the main material for gray iron and ductile iron castings. For most of iron foundries, the cast iron prices should be adjusted according to the change of pig iron costs.

Therefore, how do we know the current pig iron prices?

Normally, our purchasers need to call the pig iron suppliers to check the prices, however, as for the iron casting buyers, this way is impossible. So, the only way is get the related prices by internet. However, no many websites have the accurate and real prices, and their update is not timely. So, herein, we recommend some websites for you.

1. www.52steel.com

This website updated quickly. As for our iron foundry, we normally bought pig iron from Benxi and Anshan, and according to our experience, you could also refer the prices in Linyi.

2. www.zhonggang.net

This website is also very good. You could find the pig iron prices in Anshan, Linyi and Wuan.

We recommended two websites here because the prices are changing everyday, so any single website can not make the accurate prices, you should check two or three good sources to estimate the accurate price range.

According to our experiences, the pig iron prices on many websites are lower than real prices, and some websites are higher. So, most of internet sources are not reliable.

We update pig iron and cast iron prices on our Dandong Foundry website everyday, and hope these prices could be good reference to buyers.

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