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Mild Steel Casting

Mild steel is also called as low carbon steel, whose carbon content is between 0.10% to 0.30%. Because of its low carbon content, so its tensile strength and hardness are lower, so called as mild steel.

Mild steel castings have good properties for various machining, forging and welding processes, so it is wildly used for engineering fields, such as shipbuilding industries.

Dandong Foundry in China has produced many mild steel castings for the clients overseas. The large castings were about 300 kg per piece, and small castings were about several kilograms. All the castings were made by sand casting process.

The production for mild steel castings are not difficult, but the casting defects are also the problem, such as sand inclusion, air holes, cracks, shrinkages.

The followings are some mild steel casting parts made by us for the tugboats.

Large steel casting tubes

Steel bearing housing castings

Large steel bracket castings

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