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EN-GJS-400-18 Ductile Iron

Mechanical Properties:

This grade has tensile strength min. 400 Mpa, yield strength min. 250 Mpa, elongation min. 18%.

The matrix of this grade is fully ferritic with high ductility and impact strength, which guarantees use at temperatures down to minus 20°. Heat treatment is a part of the manufacturing process.

EN-GJS-400-18-LT spheroidal graphite cast iron, also known as ductile iron, with guaranteed notched impact toughness at -20°C. In terms of safety, this material offers numerous advantages over cast steel, which is prone to cracking due to its extremely high shrinkage. One of these is the expansion resulting from the formation of graphite spheroids in the ferritic matrix, which offsets the – in any case inherently low – shrinkage for this material and thereby prevents cracking.

Grade EN-GJS-400-18LT also boasts a minimum elongation at break of 18% and, on account of this high ductility, is also suitable for low-temperature applications. The permissible stresses for spheroidal graphite cast iron were determined by Dr. Betschart as early as 1980 in his thesis entitled “Investigation into modern cast metals for structures”.

Typical Applications:

Spheroidal graphite cast iron is used to produce safety components for cable cars and ski lifts in high Alpine regions, for example, but also for heavy-duty chassis elements, crankshafts and wheel hubs of motor vehicles.

This material is also widely used to produce iron castings for wind power, forest- and contractors' machines, valves, brakes, clutch, consoles, pressure tanks, housings for high pressure hydraulic equipment, cooling components and in general for use at temperatures down to -20ºC where guaranteed impact strength is important.

Due to its many benefits, the “modern form” of cast iron with spheroidal graphite has largely superseded cast steel. Indeed, the use of cast steel is now largely confined to clearly defined applications where weldability is required, e.g. welded assemblies or cable structures.

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