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Ductile Iron Casting Manufacturers

Ductile iron casting manufacturers should be the iron foundries with machining capability, or the machining workshops with raw castings sourcing capability. The trading companies are just buy and sell the finished casting parts, so they are not manufacturers, however, they are still contributing their works to the exporting business.

Herein, let us introduce the current conditions of iron foundries and machining workshops in China.

1. Iron Foundries with Machining Equipments

The typical ductile iron foundries should have the following casting equipments and workshops:

a) Casting equipments, such as resin sand, green sand, shell molding sand treatment equipments.

b) Melting equipments, such as electric furnaces and cupola.

c) Spheroidizing inoculation equipments, such as inoculation station.

d) Heat treatment equipments. As for the ductile iron DIN 1693 GGG40, GGG50 and GGG60 grades, no need special heat treatment, but for higher grades such as GGG70 and GGG80, the heat treatment is necessary.

e) Casting clearance equipments, such as sand blasting and grinding equipments, and welding equipments.

f) Painting and packing equipments.

g) Mechanical and chemical inspection devices.

Some middle and large iron foundries in China have their own machining workshops and could complete the rough and finish machining works in house.

Iron foundries are still the main force of ductile iron casting manufacturers. Most foundries could manufacture ductile iron ASTM A536 60-40-18, 60-42-10, 65-45-12, 70-50-05, 80-60-03, only few foundries could produce higher ductile iron grades 100-70-03 and 120-90-02.

However, recently years, because of the global crisis, the pig iron, resin and other materials have been more expensive, moreover, the workers' salaries have been increased largely too, therefore, more and more ductile iron casting manufacturers have been closed, therefore, the prices of castings have been increased largely too.

2. Machining Companies with Raw Castings Sourcing Capability

In China, there are some small, middle and large machining workshops. They have various types of milling, lathe, grinding, drilling, planning machines and CNC centers, so they could complete the high precision machining works.

Moreover, most of machining companies have some local partners who could supply the raw castings to them, therefore, many machining workshops have been the final ductile iron casting manufacturers.

The advantages for these professional machining workshops are the followings:

a) They could complete various high precision machining works, so could manufacture high precision ductile iron castings.

b) They could deal with many types of casting materials, except of ductile iron, such as grey iron, steel, alloy and aluminum materials.

However, they also have some disadvantages:

a) They are not familiar with the raw castings as the foundries, so sometimes, they can not control and inspect the raw castings quality very well.

b) Because of the trading with the foundries, there will be some taxes, which will cause the final high prices.

c) The unstable cooperation between the machining companies and foundries will cause the risk to their clients, such as unstable prices, delivery time and qualities.

There are many companies and many types of suppliers that could be the good ductile iron casting manufacturers. As a buyer for ductile iron castings, you need to check their production workshops and main products from their websites, so could know that if they could manufacture your products very well.

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