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Custom Cast Iron

Making a brief introduction to the process of producing custom cast iron parts, the types of custom cast iron castings, and OEM manufacturers in China.

The process of producing custom cast iron parts

1. Making wooden, resin, plastic, aluminum or iron patterns according to the samples, or drawings, and requirements of customers.
2. After get the patterns, making rough iron castings by sand casting, or other casting processes.
3. After sand blasting, and cleaning, proceed the machining works if it is necessary,
4. Finally, painting, or do the special coating and packing according to the requirements.

The types of custom cast iron castings

1. According to the materials, the custom iron castings could be divided into gray iron, ductile iron and malleable iron.
2. According to the casting processes, they could be classified as sand castings, lost wax investment casting, metal mold permanent casting, lost foam casting and continuous casting.

The OEM manufacturers of iron castings

In China, most of iron foundries are OEM manufacturers, so they have the capability to produce custom cast iron parts according to the requirements of their clients.

Moreover, there are also many professional machining workshops. Although they can not produce rough castings in-house, but normally, they have some local casting suppliers or producers, so they can buy the rough castings locally, then supply to their clients after their machining, painting and packing. Because of their professional experience and equipments for machining works, they are also good custom cast iron manufacturers, especially for the iron parts with high-precision machining requirements.

Some custom cast iron products

There are many types of cast iron products made by custom manufacturing, such as stove parts, tractor, truck parts, machinery parts, manhole covers, pipe fittings, pump and valve parts. Custom metal castings are the base of industrial and civil fields.

OEM Stove Burner

Cast Iron Pan

Cast Iron Plates

Bracket Casting for Trucks

Custom Valve Body

Collector Tubes of Boiler

Tractor Axle Support Bracket

Automotive Hub Housing

OEM Pump Body

Machined Fly Disc

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