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The Advantages of Steel Castings

Steel castings are widely used in our life and their advantages include design flexibility, metallurgical versatility, weight flexibility, reliability and economic benefits.

1. Design flexibility

One of the advantages of steel castings is design flexibility, the designers have the maximum design freedom to choose the shape and size of the steel castings, especially the complex shape parts and hollow section parts, steel castings can be made via this unique core–up technique. It is very easy to form and change the shape, and the transformation from design to finished product is very fast, which is in favor of giving prompt response to the offer and helping shorten the delivery time. State of the art of the shape and quality, the smallest stress concentration factor and the strongest overall structural characteristics all reflect the flexibility of steel casting design and its technological superiority.

2. Metallurgical versatility

The second advantage of steel castings is the strongest metallurgical adaptability and variability. We can choose different chemical composition and organizational control to make it adapted to different project requirements. A wider range of physical and mechanical properties can be obtained in cast steel than in any other cast metal by simply varying the carbon and alloy content, the heat treatment, or both, and gain a good weldability and workability.

3. Reliability and economic benefits

The isotropic steel materials and steel castings' overall structural strength increase the engineering reliability. Coupled with the design to reduce weight and shorten delivery time, Steel castings have a competitive advantage in price and economical efficiency.

4. Weight flexibility

The fourth advantage is the weight of steel castings can be changed in a large range. Little weight can be seen in precision castings with a weight of only tens of grams, and the weight of large steel castings can be several tons, dozens or even hundreds of tons.

We can list a number of benefits of using steel castings and thus it is widely used in many industries like construction, energy and marine, transportation, etc. Our metal casting factory, Dandong Foundry will provide you different kinds of steel castings to satisfy your different needs.

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