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Steel Casting Development in recent years

Steel casting technology develops very fast around the world for its widely application, and its development is a great contribution to human beings and our wonderful life.

In recent years, the steel castings used in low temperature are increasing, many of them are low temperature pressure parts, and this kind of steel casting usually has strict requirements for low-temperature impact toughness.

In all the requirements for steel castings, for many steel foundries, impact toughness is the most difficult one to reach the standard. Measures usually taken to improve the impact toughness by steel foundries are as followed:

1. Reduce the carbon content in steel castings;

2. Increase the manganese, carbon ratio (Mn / c) appropriately;

3. Add alloying elements, such as Ni, Cr, Mo, etc;

4. Reduce the sulfur content;

5. Reduce the sulfur inclusions in steel, and improve the shape of sulfide inclusions;

6. Use refining processes;

7. Improve heat treatment process.

Among all the measures mentioned above, improving heat treatment should be considered as the top option for several reasons:

1. It does not lead to very significant adjustments in casting process;

2. There is no need adding equipment;

3. There is very little increase in production costs.

As for the general steel castings, we usually use annealing, normalizing or quenching and other heat treatment processes. For annealed steel castings, the mechanical performance requirements are generally not high and this kind of castings does not need to be dealt with the two-phase region.

Steel castings with normalizing or quenching and tempering, such as require improved impact performance, two-phase region handling can be studied.

As an experienced foundry in China, Dandong Foundry will make every effort in steel casting production process and produce more and more perfect steel castings for the whole world.

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