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The development and problems of resin sand casting process

Resin sand casting began in the 1950s, has now been for decades in foundry industry, and its production technology and equipment has been very mature and improved. Compared with the traditional clay sand castings, resin sand casting products has small surface roughness, high dimensional accuracy, and good quality. Because it has been increasingly favored by the market and developing rapidly, so it has gradually become the mainstream products at the casting market.

Here to talk about the resin sand process issues:

1. the influence and control of sand temperature on resin sand hardening

During the hardening process, furan resin sand's hardening reaction rate is closely related to sand temperature, while it has an important effect on the intensity of the mold after curing. Therefore, we must control the sand temperature to meet the production needs of the mold intensity.

2. the requirements to mold process for resin sand production

Compared with the clay sand, the quality of resin sand casting depends on the mold quality, so resin sand requires high quality of the mold. The mold process to meet the needs of resin sand mainly includes the following aspects:

A. Draft angle: with the use of resin sand molding, we should increase the mold draft angle based on actual production to get good quality mold.

B. the surface roughness of the mold: minimizing the mold surface roughness is the important measure to obtain high-quality castings.

C. machining allowance: you can select a smaller machining allowance which reduce the metal solution consumption and mechanical processing costs to improve the dimensional accuracy of castings.

3 the impact and control of the added amount and acid value of curing agent on mold

The added amount and acid value of curing agent directly affects the hardening rate of resin sand. Too fast or too slow hardening rate of resin sand casting will reduce the strength of the mold after hardening, so it is necessary to control the rate.

Along with the market requirement for the appearance and quality of casting product improvement, the advantages of resin sand casting will increasingly be taken seriously, and rapidly developed and very popular.

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