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The development and current situation of metal foundries worldwide

Nowadays, the casting fields are proceeding a great development, at the same time, the metal foundries also meet great challenges. So, all metal foundries in every country should pay more attention to the following aspects:

1. Increase the quality and dependability of the metal castings; produce superior quality castings which close to the terminal products.
2. Enhance environment protection, insist on continual development.
3. Decrease cost of production.
4. Short the period of delivery.

Going without saying that the first project is the most important, if the metal foundries can not produce the superior products, the other three projects are meaningless.

The characteristics of current casting technology development

1. Wide use of information technology during casting production.

Nowadays, the information technology is used widely which includes computers, network technology, conducting technology and artificial intelligence and so on. They are changing the appearance of metal casting production, in other words, the main characteristic of the modern casting technology is mixing the traditional technology to the information technology.

2. Casting pouring simulation is used more and more widely among metal foundries.

In order to increase the quality of casting products, many casting manufacturers have preceded simulation study during casting producing, such as Laempe Corporation in Germany, Honttinger Corporation and Loramandi Corporation in Spain have applied three dimensional simulation design.

3. The development of computers network technology changes the management and running patterns of the casting foundries.

Take Ford Automobile Corporation in USA for example, they have used computers to manage other metal foundries that located in Canada, England and Australia, at the same time, it can solve technology problems in any metal casting factory.

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