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The situation and development of Metal Castings in Japan

1. The casting foundries scale in Japan

Analysis by synthesis, casting industry is the basic industry in Japan. We should recognize that the casting industries in Japan are rising; they export products to China and India whose markets are growing, so it will appear various endeavors to acquire competitive force.

2. Which industries support casting industries in Japan?

The auto industries is still the most leading industries, it occupies about 54 percent of total metal casting production. The second are the sewers and metal parts related to the public facilities, it occupies about 25 percent, the common machinery occupies 8 percent and others is 13 percent.

3. The changes of metal casting foundries

In 2003, the casting factories reduce to half from 1990, the reasons are low benefits, no enough ability and the protection of environment, but recently, the reducing tend begins to cease and some factories begin to recover and some factories can produce sustainedly which has competitive force.

4. The situation of metal casting export

From now on, the most important thing is that, Japan will export high value metal castings to China because China is a very large market. From the quality control perspective, the export is very hard, but enhancing competitive force can enlarge the number of export.

5. The problems in casting factories during operation

In Japan, the energy cost and labor cost is high, so promoting energy-saving, reducing production wastage, increasing production rate must be improved.

6. Several keys must be seized in work

a) Use IT techniques in production management and operation management, such as products exploitation, melting molds.
b) Increase the rate of producing and utilization of materials, improve the bad phenomenon.
c) Enhance running management includes increasing the level of professionalization, develop distinguishing products.
d) Exploit new techniques to increase competitive force.
e) Promote the talents cultivation.
f) Improve the defects of metal castings.
g) Reduce wastage.

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