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How to choose the suitable metal casting methods

With the development of industry techniques, the metal casting techniques also develop faster and faster, there is a lot of metal casting techniques appearance, but the standards, quality, accuracy, production cost and automation of metal castings are increasing, so to choose a suitable casting method is very important.

The process of metal casting includes metal melting, molds producing, pouring concretion and de-mold clearance, machining and so on.

The principals of choosing metal casting methods:

1. Sand metal casting is put to use as a priority. During metal casting producing, 60%-70% of metal castings are produced by sand metal casting method, the reasons are the low cost, the simple production process and the short production period, so the engine air cylinders, air cylinder lids and bent axis of automobiles are produced by green sand molds.

2. Generally speaking, the resin sand molds suits to middle and large metal castings, water glass sand molds suits to steel metal casting in order to produce size accurate, surface smooth metal castings, but its cost is high.

The metal casting methods should suit to the quantity of products.

1. The advanced molds techniques should be used in large volume production.

2. Self-hardening resin sand molds should be used in middle producing.

3. Handwork molds are important method in producing small producing, because the handwork is flexible, it suits to any kind of complex metal castings.

4. Low pressure metal casting, die casting and centrifuge metal casting just suit to quantity producing because the equipments and molds are expensive.

The metal casting methods should suit to the condition of factories.

The accuracy requirement and cost of metal castings should be both considered. Use different metal casting methods can produce different accuracy of metal castings, furthermore, the cost and producing rate are different, then the final economic effectiveness is different, so we must do faster, better, and more saving to reduce cost and increase economic effectiveness.

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