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The Definition of Foundry in China

Before I worked in Dandong Foundry, I did not know this word "Foundry". For now, if you want me to give a definition to foundry, I will say it is a factory mainly producing various metal castings.

Sometimes, a foundry was also called as foundry plant, founding workshop or casting factory. According to their main products, they could also be called as iron foundry, steel foundry, aluminum foundry and brass foundry.

What is a foundry like?

Firstly, a foundry should at least has a casting workshop, there, they could produce rough or raw castings by some casting processes, such as green sand, resin sand, shell molding, die-casting, lost-foam, lost-wax investment, permanent molding etc.

Secondly, they need a workshop to clean and grind these rough castings, remove the sand or other residuals from the surface of castings. In China, we usually call it as sand cleaning workshop.

Thirdly, if the castings need heat treatments, then the foundry should do the heat treatment in their electric furnaces accordingly. However, these furnaces for heat treatment are not different with furnaces for melting metals.

Fourthly, most of foundries in China have some machining equipments, so they could do the rough or finish machining works in-house. So, they will machine their rough castings into finished products in their machining workshops.

Fifthly, the foundries should have a room for painting and packing metal castings. There, the metal castings will be painted or protected by anti-rust oil, then packed by non-fumigation crates, pallets or boxes according to the requirements of clients. Then, the castings will be ready for delivery.

Therefore, a foundry should have casting workshop, cleaning workshop, heat treatment and machining equipments, painting and packing workshop.

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