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EN-GJS-400-15, GGG40 Cast Iron Material

EN-GJS-400-15 is a very common ductile cast iron material grades in Europe standard DIN EN 1563, which is equivalent to GGG40 in standard DIN 1693. The followings are its equivalent grades, material specification, chemical composition, density and hardness.

EN-GJS-400-15 Equivalent Grades

This grade is equal to the cast iron grades ISO 1083 400-15, China GB1348 QT400-15, USA ASTM A536 60-40-18, Japan FCD400, Italy GS400-12, France FGS400-12, Spain FGE42-12, Belgium FNG42-12, Australia AS1831 400-12, Norway SJK-400.

EN-GJS-400-15 Material Specification

Tensile strength is minimum 400 Mpa.
Yield strength is minimum 250 Mpa.
Elongation is minimum 15%.

There is no impact requirement for this ductile iron grade. The tensile strength, yield strength and elongation will be taken as the main quality inspection factors.

EN-GJS-400-15 Chemical Composition

In different material standards, the recommended chemical composition is different, so there is no mandatory stipulation to them. The iron foundries could adjust the chemical components according to their experience and production conditions, as long as they could meet the mechanical properties. The normal chemical composition for this grade is as the following:

C: 2.5-3.8.
Si: 0.5-2.5
Mn: 0.2-0.5
P: ≤0.08
S: ≤0.02

EN-GJS-400-15 Material Density and Hardness

The density of this material is 7.3 g/cubic centimeter, or 7.3 kg/liter.
Hardness range is Brinell Hardness 130-180.

EN-GJS-400-15 Material Properties

This material grade is the most common used cast iron in China and worldwide. Its tensile strength, ductility and toughness are much more better than grey cast iron, and its mechanical properties could be compared with cast steel.

However, its disadvantages are also obvious. Its shrinkage rate is large, so easily to cause shrinkage defects. The casting process is more complex and requirements to raw pig iron is also higher than other cast iron. Moreover, the technical requirements to the whole production process are also strict and high.

EN-GJS-400-15 Application

This grade of ductile iron could be used to produce impact-resistant and shock-resistant parts, such as the wheel hub of automotive and tractors, drive axle housings, differential carrier, cases, valve bodies, pipe and fittings, high and low pressure cylinders, Motor casings, gear boxes and flywheel and covers etc.

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