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The Property of Ductile Cast Iron

The shape of the graphite is sphere, so cast iron is called ductile cast iron, or nodular iron. The graphite cast irons increase the machinery property, especially plasticity and tenacity, so increase the intensity.

The history of ductile cast iron

In 1981, the specialists in China had used modern science measures to study 513 iron implements which come up out of the ground, refer to the vast information; we can conclude that the ductile cast iron occurs in the Han dynasty in China. In ancient, China had used soft method to produce ductile cast iron; this is very meaning in the world metallurgy.

The property of ductile cast iron

Most of the casting fields have used ductile cast iron, because these fields demand cast iron which has high intensity, plasticity, tenacity and good abrasion resistant, heat resistant and corrosion resistant.

The related knowledge of the ductile cast iron

1. In automobiles aspect

Pearlites and ferrite ductile cast iron have used in the base plates parts in the automobiles, this indicates that the ductile cast iron products have reached to a high level and the gap between China and international technology is reducing.

2. The factors of metallurgy

Adding proper rare earth complex spheroiditic agent, compel cooling, concrete in order and adding small Sb and Bi can prevent the middle part of the ductile cast iron loose and distortion.

3. Austenite-bainite ductile cast iron

In 20th century 70 times, austenite-bainite ductile cast iron was produced successfully in China, American and Finland. The intensity of this materials reach to 1000MPa, so it used widely in gears and any kind of construction parts, compared to alloy steel, austenite-bainite ductile cast iron have more prominent economic effects.

4. Mechanical property and other property of ductile cast iron

We have studied the mechanical property and other property of tombarthit magnesium ductile cast iron, such as specific gravity, heat conduction and electromagnetism, besides; we have studied the effect of graphite to the property of ductile cast iron.

5. Ductile cast iron tubes

Recently, China has built several ductile cast iron tubes factories and will build more. In 2000 the volume of ductile cast iron tubes reached to 90 thousand tons, in the future, China will produce itself production line to produce more ductile cast iron tubes.

Nowadays, the development of ductile cast iron is just second to the gray cast iron, because its comprehensive property is close to the steel, so it is used widely.

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