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Custom Metal Castings

The custom metal castings are also called as OEM metal castings, which means the metal foundries produce the iron castings, steel and aluminum castings according to the drawings and requirements of the customers.

Actually, the most metal foundries in China are producing the custom metal castings for the clients in China and overseas. Therefore, most of Chinese foundries have familiar with the drawings and requirements in English.

As for the drawings, the most of foundries will prefer the 2D drawings such as .pdf and .jpg format. Of course, as for the complex castings, the 3D drawings will be necessary, the most common 3D software is IGS, Pro/E and Solidworks. Of course, the real samples can solve all technical issues. So, if the customer can provide the samples, that will be very helpful to the metal foundries.

As all know, there are many OEM foundries in China, so they could produce the many kinds of custom castings, such as various iron castings by various sand casting processes, the steel castings, aluminum sand castings or die castings. As long as you need, you should be able to find a suitable OEM foundry in China.

However, as a buyer, you should pay attention to some issues about custom metal castings:

Firstly, you should send the detailed drawings and full requirements to the suppliers, and remind them the important technical requirements. The main aspects include the unit weight (machined or rough), the dimensional tolerances for rough castings and finish parts, the special requirements to materials, such as to strength and hardness. The defects requirements, surface coating and painting requirements, and the special heat treatment requirements. More detailed information and requirements will be more helpful for the suppliers to understand your products, in case of the failure by their misunderstanding. According to my working experience in Dandong Foundry in China, successful developing a new product is a difficult process. There are many issues needed to clarify and solve during making the samples and first batch production.

Secondly, as a buyer, you should understand the factors which will affect the price fluctuation. The prices of custom metal castings will mainly affected by the pig iron price and exchange rate. Normally, if the fluctuation of exchange rate exceed 3%, then the suppliers will request to adjust the prices, and if the fluctuation of pig iron price exceed 300 RMB/ton (or called as 45 USD/ton), then the suppliers need to adjust the prices. Therefore, the buyers should verify the change range of the exchange rate and the price of pig iron, and negotiate with their OEM foundries to adjust the prices reasonably. After all, the long-term cooperation depends on the mutual understanding. Of course, if the pig iron prices have reduced largely or exchange rate has raised, the buyers also should talk with your suppliers to reduce the casting prices accordingly.

custom iron casting

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