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The Trend of Chinese Metal Castings

As for the development trend of Chinese metal castings, we can take the Guangdong province as example, from 2002, the casting industries are developing very fast, it is the spring of the Guangdong casting industries, during several years, every casting foundry has established a perfect network, the development characteristics are as followings:

The characteristics of metal castings in Guangdong:

1. The outputs of injection molding machines are the largest in China, even the largest producing base in the Asia or the global.
2. Small products such as stoves, water heating machines have large markets and outputs.
3. The yields of containers casting have a little drop, but it is still at the fist place.
4. There is great increasing in mine machines, construction machines, and agriculture machines weave machines, automobile fittings, crude oil engines, machine tool and water pumps.

The characteristics of mold crafts in Guangdong:

1. Air setting furan resin sand molds are used widely for metal castings.
2. The covered membrane sand and hot cores develop fast.
3. The sellers who use resin sand molds acquire great thriving.
4. The phenol aldehyde resin is used in some foundries.
5. The development of sticky soil sand molds and water glass sand molds are slow.

The characteristics of metal foundries in Guangdong:

1. The foreign capital factories impulse Guangdong casting industries development to become a large casting province.
2. The private enterprise develops very powerful, the reforms of public ownership factories are fast.

The characteristics of metal casting sale and the benefits of factory:

1. Casting export occupies great proportion, the markets at home and abroad increase stably.
2. The benefits of casting factories are distinguishing.

The great challenges we meet during fast casting development.

1. Severe environment pollution.
2. There are too many metal foundries, and the productivity is poor that do harm to reuse sources.
3. The talents in casting industry are lack.
4. Partial casting factories have lost their credit.

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