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China Foundry Introduction

China Foundry means the metal foundries operated in China. As for the buyers for iron castings, when you search “iron foundry” by Google, you could find countless iron casting manufacturers worldwide, then you can send your enquiries to them, then get their quotations, then you could choose one factory to produce your products. There are many foundries in China, so everything looks like very easy. However, the truth is, it is not easy to find a suitable supplier.

Besides considering their quotations, you need to learn the following aspects.

1. Their casting process

Casting processes are important to the production capability and metal casting quality. As for China foundry, the common casting processes include automatic molding line, molding machine, manual green sand molding, resin sand molding, lost foam molding, shell molding, lost wax investment casting process. Each casting process has their only advantages and disadvantages, so if the foundry does not have suitable casting process, then it will be a hidden danger.

2. Their machining and other equipments

China foundries have been developed quickly in the past years, so most metal foundries have machining and heat treatment equipments, so they can do the rough and finish machining works, and heat treatment in house. Moreover, some workshops can do the special surface coating treatment. Learning about those equipments could make you clear if they could meet your requirements to machining and other equipments.

3. Their main products

Any middle size of China foundry could have produced hundreds types of metal castings. Of course, from their website, you can not see all of them. However, most of China foundries have their own main products, which are useful for you to estimate their casting and machining capabilities. If your products are similar to their main products, then it will be more likely they could understand your requirements more clear and so produce them more successfully.

4. Their inspection devices

As for as I know, most of China foundries just could do the simple quality inspection, such as hardness, tensile strength and chemical analysis, and some foundries could do the spectrometer, and metallographic structure. But only few could do the ultrasonic test, x ray inspection and magnetic particle (powder) inspection. If one China foundry has these equipments, then they are good, however, if they do not have them, but they could use nearby inspection labs, then they are also qualified to be your supplier. You can not expect one foundry have all inspection devices.

5. Their other experiences

Other experiences and capabilities include many aspects. One successful China foundry normally has a long-term and experienced translator for English. The translator is important for the communication to commercial and technical issues. Sometimes, one misunderstanding may cause large loss. Moreover, if they have experience and qualification to exporting, which means if they could deliver the metal castings to your place quickly and safely.

If you think these aspects are too complex to understand a China foundry, then let me make it easier. You could try to ask all your questions to them, then judge if their answers are authentic, professional and experienced.

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