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Cast Iron Truck Hardware Parts in China

Truck hardware parts include engines, bearing bracket, brake drums, axle supports, gear boxes, radiators. The materials of truck hardware parts include grey iron, ductile iron, cast steel, and aluminum alloy.


The engine is to provide power for car. It is an energy conversion device. The engine is a device that converts energy will chemical energy transformed into mechanical energy. The materials of engines include of cast iron and cast aluminum. The cast iron engines very strong and it has better vibration resistance and wear resistance so its life time is long. Moreover, cast iron engines are cheaper than cast aluminum.

Bearing brackets

Bearing bracket is used to fix and supports the rotary axes. Bearing bracket must be have higher vibration resistance, wear resistance and coefficient of heat transfer. So they are usually made by grey iron and ductile iron.

Gear boxes

The material of gear box is usually grey iron. Because the grey cast iron has good machinability, good wear resistance and vibration damping. Moreover, grey cast iron is cheaper.

Brake drums

Brake drum is a part of brake system. It is widely used for the many kinds of cars. The material of brake drums is usually grey iron.

Axle supports

The type of axle support includes front axle support, and rear axle support. The material of axle support includes grey iron, ductile iron or cast steel.


Radiator is to prevent the engine temperature is too high, and cooling the engine. The materials of radiators include cast iron, cast aluminum, cast copper. Cast iron radiators are have good corrosion resistance and it is cheaper. But it is heavy and shape is rude. Cast aluminum radiators are light, but corrosion resistance is bad. Cast copper radiators are have best corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity, but it is very expensive.

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