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How to Care for Cast Iron Cookware?

Cast iron cookware as a part in daily life is essential and important to a family, and how to care for cast iron cookware to make it durable is every housewife’s concern. Cast iron cookware can stand the test of time if properly cared for.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Wash your cookware after use

I recommend washing cast iron cookware with hot water, for hot water is more effective at washing off dirt and grease from your cast iron cookware, especially with soap to kill bacteria.

2. Dry your cookware completely

As we all know, cast iron will rust if it isn’t dried immediately after washing. After washing, we should dry it with a towel, and place it on the stove over low heat for a minute or two, which will cause the cookware to thoroughly dry.

3. Store it with lid off

We usually store cookware with the lid off to further protect cast iron from rusting,. Many cast iron users may also recommend placing a paper towel inside the cookware to absorb any additional moisture that may be present. This method can also protect it from dust and bacteria.

4. Don't over scrub

Over scrubbing cast iron cookware may remove the healthy coating it has developed. When cooking, you’d better use plastic or wooden cooking utensils to prevent scratching. When washing, be sure not to scrub too vigorously.

5. season the cast iron cookware

Rub a thin layer of cooking oil into your cast iron cookware to season it, and this method will keep it from deteriorating and rusting.

6. Be wary of acidic foods

Acidic food is bad for cast iron cookware. The acidic will dissolve the seasoning of the cookware and create a metallic taste on your food. Therefore, do not store foods in cast iron cookware.

7. Take care of rust

Dry your cast iron cookware thoroughly and store with the lids off to prevent condensation and rust. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, rust still appears. In this condition, you can try washing the pan with shortening. In some cases you may even have to scrub and re-season a pan.
If you take the suggestions above, and take care of your cast iron cookware, I’m sure they can be used for quite a long time.

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