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ASTM A476 / A476M Standard Specification for Ductile Iron Castings
for Paper Mill Dryer Rolls

1. Scope

This specification covers ductile iron castings for use in pressure containing paper mill dryer rolls ate temperatures up to 450 Fahrenheit degree (230 Celsius degree). 

2. Heat treatment

The castings may be stress relieved at a temperature not to exceed 1200 Fahrenheit degree (650 Celsius degree). 

3. Chemical requirements 

The castings shall conform to the following chemical requirements:

Total carbon, min,%


Silicon, max, %


Phosphorus, max, %


Sulfur, max, %


The castings shall have a carbon equivalent of 3.8 to 4.5 inclusive. 

4. Mechanical properties 

4.1 The iron represented by test coupons shall conform to tensile requirements prescribed in Table 1.

4.2 The yield strength prescribed in Table 1 may be deter-mined by any of the approved procedures described in 4.3 of Test Methods E 8.

4.3 The Brinell hardness of the material shall be a minimum of 201 HB. Hardness tests shall be conducted in accordance with Test Method E 10, using a 3000-kgf load. The test may be made on either the casting or on a test coupon representing the casting. 

5. Workmanship, finish and appearance 

The castings shall conform to the dimensions on the drawings furnished by the purchaser, or if no drawing has been provided, to the dimensions predicated by the pattern supplied by the purchaser. Surfaces of the castings shall be free of adhering sand, Runners, risers, fins and other extraneous metal shall be removed. 

Table 1 Tensile requirements 

Test coupon section thickness

1 in. [25 mm]

3 in. [75 mm]

Tensile strength, min, ksi [MPa]

80 [555]

80 [555]

Yield strength, min, ksi [MPa]

60 [415]

60 [415]

Elongation in 2 in.[50 mm], min, %

3.0 [3.0]

1.0 [1.0]

6. Repairs 

Castings made to this specification that leak on subsequent hydrostatic testing may be repaired by using threaded plugs provided the following requirements are met. No welding or brazing shall be permitted.

Paper Mill Dryer Rolls

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