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Advantages of Steel Casting

1. Greater design flexibility

The designers have the maximum choose freedom to the casting shape and size, especially complex shape and hollow parts, and steel castings can be manufactured by the unique process of core castings. Easy forming and shape change and fast transformation from drawing to finished product can help offer fast response and shorten delivery time.

2. Strongest flexibility and variability of metallurgical manufacturing

You can choose different chemical composition and organization structure to meet different project requirements. Different heat treatment process can select mechanical properties and using properties in a large range and increase weldability and workability.

3. Large overall structural strength

Thus high project reliability, coupled with weight reduction design and short delivery time, increase competitive advantages in price and economy.

4. Large range of change in weight

Small steel castings can be only ten grams, while the weight of large steel castings can be up to several tons, dozens or even hundreds of tons.

Compare with forging steel parts:

The anisotropy of steel castings in mechanical properties is not significant, which is better than forging steel parts. The designers often have to consider materials performance in the three coordinate axis during some high-tech products design, thus the advantages of steel castings deserve to be taken seriously. Steel castings, regardless of the weight, volume, and batch, are easily to make complex shape and non-significant stress concentration parts.

Compare with the welded structure:

In shape and size, the welded structure flexibility is better than forging steel parts, but compared with steel castings, there are still the following shortcomings:

1). It is easy to deformation during welding process.

2). It is difficult to make a streamlined shape.

3). Internal stress is high during welding process.

4). Welding seam is bad to the appearance and reliability of parts.

Compare with iron casting and other alloy casting:

Steel castings can be used for a variety of working conditions, and the mechanical properties are superior to any other alloy castings.

When we need high tensile stress or dynamic load parts, important pressure vessel castings, and key parts bearing heavy load in low or high temperatures, in principle, we should give priority to use steel castings.

However, the vibration absorption, abrasion resistance, and mobility of steel castings are worse than iron castings, in addition, the costs are higher than iron castings.

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