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Resin Sand Casting

Some clients asked me about the resin sand casting in the past, so herein, I made a brief introduction for its definition and characters, and hope these information could be helpful for the buyers to choose the suitable casting process.

What is resin sand casting?

Resin sand casting process is a kind of floor molding process by using the resin sand as the molding material. Resin sand is a kind of mixture of quartz sand and resin. After mixing and burning, the resin sand could become very hard and solid, so we called it as the hard mold. The iron casting made by resin sand will be usually called as resin sand casting.

What is the character of resin sand casting?

Since resin sand mold is very hard and solid, and it has smooth surfaces, so the resin sand casting has more accurate dimensions and better surface smoothness, and less sand residual and casting defects on the surfaces and inside.

What kind of castings are suitable for resin sand casting process?

Because the resin sand is expensive, and lower production rate than green sand casting process, so it is more suitable to produce larger iron castings, such as the castings with weight from dozens of kilograms to several tons. By the way, resin sand casting process is not suitable to produce steel castings since steel castings need higher air permeability.

What is the disadvantage of resin sand casting process?

One disadvantage is the low production rate. Since the resin sand needs to be mixed and burning, it needs more production time. Another is the high production costs. The resin price is increasing largely by the end of 2010 because of the flood in northern China. Moreover, the prices of the related materials such as paints are also increasing. So, the resin sand casting became more and more expensive than before.

The followings are some of resin sand castings made by Dandong Foundry in China. Although the resin sand casting has become more expensive, the buyers are still choosing it because of its good characters.

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