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Where to buy iron castings in China?

As all known, the iron castings in China are cheap and good, but do you know where you can buy the good iron castings in China? According to my work experience in Dandong Foundry for over five years, I hope my comments could help you learn more about China iron castings.

As I known, there are four metal casting bases in China. They are Zhejiang, Shangdong, Liaoning and Hebei provinces.

Let me introduce some for these iron casting bases in China.

In Zhejiang province, especially in Ningbo, there were many manufacturers for precision steel castings by water glass investment (lost wax) casting process. They were usually making the small and middle size steel castings. As I know, their prices are not high, and quality is good. Some of our clients have good evaluation to them.

However, lost wax investment casting process has one problem. Pollution. The production will cause an toxic gas, so our government is controlling it. The foundries without pollution control method will be cut down. In addition, the raw material prices increasing, RMB appreciation, energy saving and emission reduction are caused many foundries closed down, therefore, the buyers are looking for new suppliers. All in all, Zhejiang base is reducing.

In Shandong province, there are some good forge manufacturers, and some good iron casting manufacturers. As I know, they can supply cheap iron castings. However, I also heard some clients complained their quality is not good. According to my opinion, some manufacturers should be able to manufacture good iron castings by reasonable prices, some foundries who supply cheap iron castings just can supply iron castings with equal quality.

Next, let us talk about the iron foundries in Hebei province. Actually I also have some doubt with the iron foundries in Hebei province. I have heard they could very cheap iron castings, very cheap, even unreasonable. I always talked with our clients and engineers for how they could reduce their prices so low. I do not know the reason yet. If you know it, please let me know. However, I know that their quality is not very good, they could just make the iron castings with very low requirements to the materials and dimensions. When I said very low, I meant if you have no requirements to the material, you could try to consider them.

Finally, we will talk with the iron foundries in Liaoning province. There are some iron foundries in Dandong and other cities near Dalian. Firstly, I can assure you that their material quality is good, which means they are using the good pig iron, and they can meet the material requirements. Actually, many iron foundries in Liaoning also want to reduce their costs for materials, but there are not many
scrap iron sources in Liaoning. By the way, most of iron foundries have machining capability, so they could manufacture machined cast parts for machinery industries. This is also the reason they need to keep the good quality for materials.

It is a very difficult thing to find a good supplier for all purchasers. You have to consider the quality and price at the same time. China has an old saying: You get what you pay for. Therefore, I suggest all buyers: DO NOT take the price as the only yard to your suppliers. Otherwise, please do not complain your quality.

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