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Foundry NZ

Dandong Foundry has produced many iron and steel castings to New Zealand market. Some are grey iron and ductile iron castings, some are large carbon steel and mild steel casting parts.

Our clients in New Zealand include ship manufacturers, tractor parts manufacturers and metal casting traders. Although NZ market is very small, but our foundry has dedicated to serve this country for many years, and has established good relationship with our clients.

The followings are some cast iron and cast steel parts made by our foundry, and exported to New Zealand and Australia.

For Tugboat, Material Mild Steel G250, Sand Casting

Rings, Material Mild Steel G250, Sand Casting

Alloy Cast Steel, Sand Castings

Grey Cast Iron AS 1830 T220, Resin Sand Casting

Large Cast Steel Tubes, Sand Castings 

Bull Gears, Steel Casting

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