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Ductile Iron Manhole Cover

Ductile iron manhole cover means the manhole covers made by ductile iron, not by gray iron. The buyers choose the ductile iron to get better tensile strength.

Ductile iron manhole covers are easily to purchase in China since most of iron foundries can produce these materials, and the machining is simple comparatively.

However, the aluminum patterns are usually needed for the production, and since manhole covers are large, so the pattern costs are high, but you should use the aluminum patterns to keep the high quality.

As for the casting process, for the large manhole covers over 500mm, they should be made by resin sand casting process to meet the dimension requirements. For the smaller manhole covers, you could consider the green sand floor molding process. The automatic molding line is not suitable for the manhole covers since they could not keep the hot iron in the molds as long as enough.

As for the inspection to manhole covers, firstly, the material is important, secondly, the flatness and fitness, thirdly, the surface quality and appearance.

As we know, the following foundries made ductile iron manhole covers before, and hope these information could help you to learn more about ductile iron manhole covers. Of course, our Dandong Foundry can make the manhole covers very well.

Shijiazhuang Zhongrun Casting & Forging

Grade: B125 C250 D400 E600 F900 EN124.
Manhole covers and Frame conforming to EN124 standard, Gully, Trench Grate and grate also Available.
Material: Gray Iron: GG20. Ductile iron: GGG50.
Main product: Manhole cover, Gully grate, Surface box, and so on.

Cangzhou Yadite Casting Machinery

The Standards: EN124.
Size range: DN200 - 1500mm.
Class: B125, C250, D400, E600, F900.
Shape: square, round, rectangle.
Material: Ductile iron, cast iron.
Paint: Epoxy painting or bitumen.
Packing: Wooden pallet and PVC thin film.
environmental protection with non-toxicity raw material, it will not influence to user.
longevity corrosion resistance anti-rust insulation anti- abrasion weather ability excellent anti-pressure capability.
competitive price the price is lower than stipulated standard.
low weight it's convenient to transport install construct easily and reduce working intensity.
nice appearance rich colors and can keep lasted.
anti- theft non-recycle anti-theft naturally.
smooth and free from sand holes, below holes, distortion or any other defects.

Handan Fumei Machine Manufacturing

ductile iron manhole cover.
Complies with requirements of EN124.
Type: Square, round, triangle.
Black Bitumen.

Qingdao Xinruisheng Industrial

production standard: EN124 from A15 to F900.
Material: grey iron, ductile iron.
Type: round type and Square type, triangle.
Sand casting.
Standard: ISO9001, EN124.
Applicable medium: gases, liquids, steam.
Material: ductile iron, gray cast iron.
Black bitumen coated and hot galvanized.
Smooth surface and anti-theft.

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