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Ductile Iron Application

The scope of ductile iron application can be divided into four fields: First, pressure pipes and fittings. Second, the automobile industry. Third, agriculture, road and construction applications. Fourth, general engineering. 

1. Pressure pipes and fittings

Ductile iron pipe has been used to transport water and other liquids, which testifies to the ball better than gray cast iron pipe. Because cast iron has excellent strength and toughness. These physical characteristics make the pipeline withstand the high operating pressure, and can withstand the excavation near pipelines and municipal construction and transportation requirements. 

2. Automotive applications

The automotive industry is the second largest ductile iron casting application fields. Ductile iron has been used in cars in the three main areas: first, the car engine parts, second, gears and bushings, third, suspension, brakes and steering. Almost all crankshafts of the Ford Motor Company have been manufactured by ductile iron. Most of the worldwide cars are fitted with ductile iron crankshaft, instead of forged steel crankshaft. 

3. Agriculture, road and construction applications

Modern agriculture requires a reliable and long service life of agricultural machinery. The entire agricultural industry are widely using ductile iron castings including tractor parts, plows, brackets, clamps and pulleys. For other types of agricultural machinery including bulldozers, moved into machines, cranes and compressors, ductile iron castings in these areas have a very wide range of applications. 

4. General engineering applications

The machine tool industry is using the excellent engineering performance of the ductile iron to design complex machine parts. Ductile iron has high tensile strength and yield strength, and good mechanical processing properties, thus allowing production of lighter castings to keep a good rigidity. Similarly, the strength and toughness of ductile iron has made it to be widely used in all kinds of hand tools such as wrenches, clamps and gauges etc.

Paper manufacturing industry is using the high strength and high elastic modulus of ductile iron. These properties can reduce the weight of the pressure drum and drying drum. 

Therefore, ductile iron castings have been widely used in many industrial areas worldwide. With the continuous development of metal founding, the application of ductile iron must be wider in the future.

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