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How much do you know about die casting?

Die casting is belonged to the special metal castings; it is a kind of advanced method with long history which developed based on the common metal casting techniques. The process is that put the molten or semi-molten state metals into pressure chambers of die casting machine, under the high pressure, the metals fill into the cavities of the die casting mould with high speed, then, the molten or semi-molten state metals will be concreted to the desired molds. This is a high effective precision casting.

The advantages of die casting

1. The quality of die castings is good.

The castings sizes are accurate and stable, the interchangeability is good. It can make metal castings’ surface grain thinner, the density of elongation tissues compact and make the hardness and intensity of the metals surface stronger and higher. This method suit to the metal castings which are with complex thin-wall, it makes the wall of the zinc alloy die castings reach to 0.3mm, make the wall of the aluminum alloy reach to 0.5mm, besides, it suits to the complex castings which can not be produced by other methods.

2. The production rate is high.

The production rate of die casting methods is the higher than traditional green sand and resin sand casting processes, however, much lower than automatic molding line. But as for the aluminum castings, it can reach very high production rate.

3. The economic results are good.

Because the die castings sizes are accurate, the surface finish is high, so the die castings can be used without machine work, or the amount of metals processing is small, this not only increase the usage rate of the metals, but also decrease the processing equipments, furthermore, the die castings has good abrasive resistance, insulation and permeability, so they can instead of some partial assemble and simplify the production process, not only save time but also save metals source.

The disadvantages of die casting method

Generally speaking, there are some defects of air holes for the die castings, and the metal castings can not be heat-treated produced by die casting method, the die casting method is not effective to the concave metals, moreover, it does not suit to small volume production, because the cost of die casting is high, and it has high production rate, so the small volume production is not economical.

The die casting method is used widely in casing industry, nowadays, it not only used in Zn, Al, Mg, and Cu which are non-iron alloy, but also used in iron castings and steel castings. It used widely in all walks of life in the national economy, such as weapons, automobile, aerospace and TVs computers, agriculture machines, medical equipments and so on.

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