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ZFS sand casings, precoated sand, hot precoated sand, shell molding

What is ZFS sand casings, precoated sand castings, hot precoated sand castings, hot shell and core molding process, shell molding process?

The ZFS means Zinc Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate, which is the main additive for the shell molding process. So, all the above words mean a same sand casting process, which we will call it as shell molding process. Usually the procoated sand is yellow. They are solid in the beginning, then they are hotted by the shell molding machine, then they will become liquid and be filled into the metal patterns, after cooling, they will become solid again, and the solid shell and core will be used for making the iron and steel castings.

The advangtages of ZFS sand castings are good surface quality, good dimensional tolerance, and good inside quality. The disadvantages are higher production costs, and lower production efficiency.

The attached are the machines which will be used for making them, and the castings photos for your reference.

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shell molding stove burner                         shell molding chimney

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precoated sand castings


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