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Gas Stove Burners Made in Dandong Foundry

Gas stove burners are used on the gas stoves or furnaces for residential and industrial usage. Usually, the gas stove burners are made by gray iron class 25, 30, 35, or called grey iron. Gray cast iron has enough strength and has good resistance to deformation. In addtion, its cost will be lower than ductile iron, and has better flowability of liquid iron.

As for the casting process, we suggest to use the hot resin sand core and green sand shell. When I said hot resin sand, I meant the hot precoated sand or called ZFS, which is a kind of yellow sand mixed by the sand and resin. Please check our Hot Shell or Core Casting Process for the details for ZFS process. The ZFS sand garantee the good inside surfaces. The inside surfaces of burners are complex and difficult to be cleaned. Other casting process can not meet the requirements. However, for the industrial stoves, the green sand casting process can meet the surface requirements for surface quality. Of course, sometimes, you can choose to use ZFS sand for the shell too, if you are will ing to pay for the extra costs or has very high surface requirements.

As for the quality inspection, the suggest to allow some few sand holes and air holes which have diameter 2mm with max. depth 1mm. If you require higher than this standard, you should use the hot shell process.

gas stove burner


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