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Iron casting and resin sand casting equipments development in China

China has become one of the world's largest casting machine manufacturers. Chinese foundry machinery manufacturing industry has made great achievements in recent years. Since 1985, the original mechanical and electrical ministry began to attach great importance to the casting machinery manufacturing and put the largest special loan to support the casting machinery industry since founding of country. "large scale sand blast cleaning equipment", "no box-type vertical injection compression molding machine", "water glass sand reclamation equipment development" and "metal casting equipment" and other applications have been developed.

The resin sand casting equipment has met the basic needs of the domestic market, and has changed the situation of mainly relied on imports. China has been able to produce a higher level of casting automatic production line, so has partly solved the situation of importing the car engine cylinder block and cylinder head castings. China has the capability of manufacturing the high level of automatic core making machine, automatic casting cleaning machines, automatic sand processing machines, automatic die-casting machines and large-scale precision casting equipment. Overall, from 1985 to 2005, the Chinese foundry machinery manufacturing industry has been relatively rapid development, of course, we must realize that Chinese casting machinery manufacturing level has a large gap between foreign countries, and the industry growth is not stable enough, the industry market concentration is not high. These factors are restricting the development of the Chinese foundry machinery industry, so China foundry industry needs to continue its efforts in the future.

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