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The current situation and development of China cast iron valve products

Cast iron valves have nearly 100 years of history in China, but only has made significant development in the latest 10 years. According to statistics, in the latest 10 years, the domestic iron valves, fittings have annual production from 0.2 million tons to 0.8 million tons, the average annual increase rate is about 20%. According to the information, cast iron valve applications generally can be divided into eight areas: waste water drains, building water supply, building drains, buried pipes, gas pipelines, electrical pipe, agricultural pipe, industrial pipe, etc. . The construction and drainage are fastest growing, followed by housing and agricultural development, but underground drainage pipes and pipelines still have big gap from foreign countries.  

However, cast iron valves and other fittings in China's development are still behind comparatively. The producers of cast iron pipe fittings are still small and medium-sized enterprises.

In addition, there is no unified product technical and quality standards for China cast iron pipe fittings. Because of this, the quality of current cast iron pipe fittings is far from satisfactory, especially cast iron valves, its production costs are relatively as high as steel pipe fittings, so unable to meet the needs of many fields.

Market demand for cast iron valve products mainly from two aspects: First, supporting the use of cast iron pipe; Second, cast iron valves has good durability, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance, and have good advantages of processing efficiency. Overseas, the cast iron valve has been widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, indoor and outdoor plumbing, mechanical and electrical products, agriculture and other fields.

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