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Video Introduction of Dandong Foundry in China

Dandong Fuding Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd (also known as Dandong Foundry) is located in Qianyang Town of Dandong City. Qianyang is the first-class economic development zone in Liaoning Province.

Both downtown areas of Dandong city and Donggang city are very near to our company. Dandong airport is only 5 kilometers to us, and Donggang seaport is only 20 kilometers away.

We can easily enter the highway from Dandong city to Dalian city, and the Donggang Seaport railway too. The national road No. 201 and the high-speed railway under construction pass by our gate.

This convenient transportation network formed by highway, railway, seaport and airport has provided us very unique and competitive conditions for our development.

Dandong Fuding Engineering Machinery Company is developed from Qiangyang Agricultural Machinery Company established in 1958.

After over half a century, we have accumulated plenty of experience for the foundry production. In April 2010, for the greater development, we reorganized our company and changed name into Dandong Fuding Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.

The new company has registered capital 8.0 million RMB (1.3 million USD), covering an area of 38,000 square meters. The building area is over 20,000 square meters. The overall investment is over 80 million RMB (13 million USD).

Dandong Fuding is using advanced technology and equipments to reform the traditional, backward foundry process, and realizing environmental friendly foundry production.

We will devote to build a modern foundry enterprise, realizing energy saving, emission reduction, high efficiency and environmental protection.

Dandong Fuding has imported domestic and foreign leading technology, introduced automatic high-pressure, shoot-squeeze molding process and pre-coated sand cores.

The advanced 3D foundry process design has been used for production too. Dandong Fuding has imported two FBO III automatic molding lines. Their production capability is 120 sand flasks each hour, 7000 tons each year. Their sand flask size is 605×505×200/200mm.

Besides of these molding lines, we also introduced one static-pressure automatic molding line. This large production line has sand flask 1000×800×350/300mm, annual production capability 30000 tons. It can produce 90 sand flasks each hour.

This advanced molding line has extended the size range of possible casting products. In order to guarantee the quality of melted iron, we are using 12 electrical furnaces. There are 6 electrical furnaces of 1.5 tons, and 6 furnaces of 3 tons.

These advanced equipments have effectively improved the melting quality, and allowed us to produce high material grades and special cast iron materials.

In the aspect of production process control, Dandong Fuding has adopted advanced raw material automatic feeding system.

By using foundry process control software, we can control all production processes from raw material control, melting temperature to chemical analysis and molten iron weight. All key data will be recorded automatically and will be shown on the large screen timely.

This process control system could make the operators easily to learn about the production status. At the same time, the completed record data is very important for production analysis, quality improvement and problem traceability. All quality problems and causes could be traceable in Dandong Fuding.

In the aspect of machining, we are using CNC centers, digital control lathes, boring and milling machines. According to the machining requirements of casting products, we formed specific machining line. Therefore, we have the capability to complete high-precision finish machining works in house. In the aspect of quality inspection, we have established physical and chemical inspection center.

The inspection devices include the metallographic microscope with function of automatic graphic capture and judgment, advanced spectrometer for instant chemical analysis, automatic Carbon and Sulfur analysis device, hydraulic multi-function testing machine with automatic digital recording, Brinell hardness tester with digital display, ultrasonic testing, and portable X-ray flaw detection devices.

Dandong Fuding can perform various quality inspections instantly and accurately. All these inspections are the reliable guarantee to meet the high quality requirements from domestic and foreign clients.

Our main casting products cover automotive, agricultural machinery, mining machinery, pump valve and flange, over 2000 various types and models.

We have supplied iron casting parts to the whole China, and have exported to Germany, Japan, America, UK, Korea, Norway, Italy and Brazil countries.

Our full production capacity is 45,000 tons each year, the annual production value could reach 450 million RMB (75 million USD).

China government is devoting more efforts to promote the industry development in the coastal areas of Liaoning province. The governmental investment to Dandong city has created more favorable conditions and opportunities for our company’s development.

We sincerely welcome both domestic and foreign friends to build up our brilliant tomorrow altogether. Thank you!

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